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Treedom and Blackout initiatives: a report

ULTRASOUNDtech’s™ green initiatives are based on two fundamental principles, the same ones which guide our corporate mission: respect for the environment and conscious consumption. But they are first of all very concrete actions because the problem of the environmental crisis cannot be solved with mere chatter.

So also this year, our commitment has translated into two special initiatives: the creation of our own company forest in collaboration with Treedom and the closure of our shop during the week of Black Friday. Here’s how it went.

The first forest of ULTRASOUNDtech with Treedom

From 25th October to 21st November 2022, we applied a 20% discount on all products in the catalogue (more information about the initiative here: Pre-Black Friday discounts to build our corporate forest together on Treedom). The percentage saved by our customers has been re-invested in trees on Treedom, the platform that allows you to plant trees remotely and follow their growth over time.

Se il Black Friday può far bene al tuo portafoglio, non è detto che faccia bene all’ambiente. Anzi: il Black Friday non…

Pubblicato da su Martedì 15 novembre 2022

Today we can tell you that, during the month of pre-Black Friday discounts, we finalised about a hundred orders thanks to which dozens of plants in various countries were planted. With a carbon dioxide saving of almost 5 tonnes. Or more exactly:

– 97 orders received

– 35 trees planted

– 4.89 tonnes of CO2 saved

Newly born but already big

Contributing to the reduction of CO2 is a commitment that requires pragmatism and willpower but it is above all a stimulus because observing an increasingly green geographical map is good for the whole planet. On this map, it’s still early days for our forest… but it exists and extends between two continents, Africa and Asia.

In detail, it has 7 trees in Cameron, 10 in Kenya, 2 in Madagascar, 5 in Malawi (the lake with the same name is the centre of an incredible ecosystem, with plant and animal species which are unique in the world) and 11 in Thailand.

The map of trees by ULTRASOUNDtech™ – Treedom

Environmental and social impact

Carrying out projects like this means intervening both on the territory and on the people who live there. In fact, Treedom regulates its activities on the basis of environmental but also criteria which have a social impact.

On the environmental front, trees are planted following the principles of the Global Landscapes Forum, i.e. in the right place and for the right purpose, monitoring their growth in the early years and transferring skills to communities.

On the social front, each project involves direct contact with local farmers and with NGOs and cooperatives operating on the ground so that it can translate into real opportunities to support people living in the area.

From Black Friday to Blackout

Black Friday has an extremely negative social and environmental impact which finds fertile ground in a society where unbridled and illogical consumerism is rampant. But how can we change this trend? With a countertrend.

While most companies worldwide focused their commercial strategy in this period of discounts to invoice as much as possible, we did the exact opposite: from 21st to 27th November, we closed our shop, preventing users from making any purchases. In fact, for us Black Friday has turned into Blackout (for more information read: Black Friday? We go into Blackout).

With this extreme, completely anti-commercial initiative, we hope to have sent a clear message: when each of us does our part, a multiplier effect is created which can have an even greater impact. And then even a small voice out of the chorus, like ours during Black Friday, if combined with many other small voices can turn into a roar which has the power to change the world.