Innovation and Prevention for your Wellness

Switches on automatically in case of Black-out

ZeroDark is the practical step marker light that allows us to avoid obstacles and move us safely when we are surrounded by darkness, and to become a truly portable light during current Black-out cases.

When it is connected to the power mains, it charges and serves as a practical Step Light.
In the torch function it has an autonomy of about 2 hours and can be switched off and on again by means of the handy button. It has two bright (14 lumen) white LEDs that cannot be replaced.

The ZeroDark device is characterized by an innovative and modern design that fits well with all domestic furnishings. It does not require any special installation, requires no maintenance and lasts for a long time.

ZeroDark performs three functions:
1) Automatically switches on in case of Black-out
2) Become a high brightness truly portable light
3) Does not need installation and has very low consumption