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ZeroZzz™AMBIENT offers effective and safe protection from seasonal infestations of common and tiger mosquitoes. The emission of low-frequency, variable-intensity sounds mimics the buzzing of male mosquitoes and permanently drives away the females of the species, which are the only ones which sting in order to draw blood from people and animals.

ZeroZzzTM AMBIENT - Ultrasonic mosquito repellent device

The mains-powered protective device is programmed to emit sound in three different intensities: low (one flash), medium (two flashes) and high (three flashes). ZeroZzz™AMBIENT is powered by 230Volt and guarantees a coverage volume of approximately 60/80 cubic metres. Simple to activate and offering all-round protection, the device simultaneously creates an uncomfortable environment for insects, returning spaces to their purpose.

The ZeroZzz™AIR mosquito repellent works by emitting intensity-modulated sonic waves to keep away the female mosquitoes that cause bites and irritation. The soft sound produced by the electronic device has a prolonged effect on most mosquito species and is designed to prevent insects becoming accustomed to the sound produced. Completely non-toxic and odourless, ZeroZzz™AMBIENT does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment and can be used safely by people of all ages on any occasion and in any environment (home, terrace, garden).

The ultrasonic mosquito repellent is tested at the Laboratory of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Camerino.


7 × 4.9 × 2.2 cm