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Anti Mites

Dust mites are recognised as one of the most frequent causes of allergy disorders in children and adults. Responsible for around 75% of respiratory allergies, these parasites can cause hypersensitivity reactions at any time of the year. Silent and invisible enemies, mites find the ideal environment for their proliferation in homes during the winter period, especially with the heating on. A poorly ventilated and warm environment is the perfect habitat for numerous mite colonies to flourish.

Safe for the environment

Completely non-toxic and odourless, it does not emit any chemicals and can be used in complete safety

AcarZero™ is the innovative ultrasonic device which eliminates dust mites from the home.

The tested efficacy of the mite-proof product is based on ultrasound technology, which cleans up parasite nesting sites naturally and without side effects, even for wearers of pacemakers or other electronic medical devices thanks to the absence of electromagnetic radiation.

The two most common mite species are Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae.

These tiny arthropods, which measure on average only 0.3 millimetres, are a source of large quantities of allergens during their life cycle. Floating in the air and settling on everyday objects, these substances, if inhaled, cause allergic reactions in genetically predisposed individuals. However, symptoms such as skin reactions and inflammation of the respiratory tract and eyes are not caused by contact with the mite itself but by its digestive enzymes and excrement, which are rich in the allergen Der-p1.

In our homes, mites live in dust and in places where they can most easily feed on dry skin flakes from humans and animals, such as mattresses, blankets, pillows, curtains, carpets, soft toys and books. It is estimated that there are 10 to 1000 mites per gram of dust. Extremely prolific, these pests have a longevity of about 90 days per specimen and are able to renew an entire colony in a single month.

AcarZero™ is an anti-mite device designed to eliminate parasites from mattresses, pillows and other already colonised spaces without the use of biocides and potentially harmful chemicals, ensuring a healthy and purified environment over time. Practical and discreet, the repellent offers long-lasting protection against dust mites thanks to the controlled emission of ultrasound waves at a very high frequency, which are completely harmless and inaudible to both humans and pets.