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Anti Mice – FAQ

ZeroBugs™ MOUSE is an electronic device with ultrasound technology, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, useful for combating the presence of mice, dormice and small rodents within domestic walls, garages, attics and warehouses with a coverage volume of about 90 cubic metres.

ZeroBugs™ MOUSE operates on 230Vac – 50Hz mains voltage, by plugging the device into the wall sockets close to the floor, avoiding obstacles in front of the emission source. Peak effectiveness is reached approximately 2 weeks after installation. In order to maximise its effectiveness, it is recommended to use it continuously: if, however, it is disconnected from the mains socket, it is necessary to wait about 10 seconds before reinserting it, to allow the device to be reset.

Yes. As scientifically proven, all ULTRASOUNDtech™ ultrasound devices, including ZeroBugs™ MOUSE, are absolutely harmless for dogs, cats and pets in general. It is obviously not recommended for use in the vicinity of hamsters, guinea pigs and other such domestic rodents.

Being mains powered, ZeroBugs™ MOUSE does not require replacement.