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ZeroZzz™ KIT Summer: ZeroZzz™ FLEXY + ZeroZzz™ AMBIENT

ZeroZzz™ FLEXY is a portable electronic mosquito repellent, perfect for outdoor activities. Its design allows it to be easily worn on the wrist, ankle, or attached to clothing.

ZeroZzz™ AMBIENT provides effective and safe protection against seasonal infestations of common and tiger mosquitoes. The emission of low-frequency, variable-intensity sounds mimics the buzzing of male mosquitoes, effectively repelling the female mosquitoes of the species, which are the only ones that bite to draw blood from people and animals.



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ZeroZzz™ Kit

ZeroZzz™ FLEXY – Mosquito repellent bracelet ZeroZzz™ FLEXY is a portable and family-safe sonic mosquito repellent device. With a range of approximately 3 meters, ZeroZzz™ FLEXY is programmed to emit sound at three different intensities. It operates with a replaceable long-lasting lithium battery.   ZeroZzzTM AMBIENT - Sonic mosquito repellent device The mesh protective device is programmed to emit sound at three different intensities: low (one flash), medium (two flashes), and high (three flashes). ZeroZzz™ AMBIENT operates on 230 volts and covers an area of approximately 60 to 80 cubic meters. ZeroZzz™ AMBIENT does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment and can be safely used by people of all ages in any setting, including homes, terraces, and gardens.


23 × 3 cm