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Anti Mosquitoes

An unwanted guest responsible for annoying bites, mosquitoes are a seasonal nuisance that afflicts anyone who wants to enjoy relaxation or recreational time in the home and outdoors. Rising temperatures and humidity affect the biological cycle of these pests, which, thanks to their exceptional adaptability, are able to survive even under the most adverse conditions.

Safe for the environment

Completely non-toxic and odourless, it does not emit any chemicals and can be used in complete safety

ZeroZzz is the innovative sonic wave device that drives away female mosquitoes responsible for unpleasant bites.

The proven effectiveness of ZeroZzz’s technology is based on the mechanical reproduction of the sound produced by the male of the species, which, amplified through special emitters, is a natural and non-toxic remedy for keeping away the female mosquitoes responsible for bites and irritations.

During their lifetime, mosquitoes feed on tree sap and flower nectar.

In the final stage of their reproductive cycle, however, as they need to obtain nutrients to lay their eggs, the females become haematophagous - i.e., they feed on blood - targeting people and animals in the vicinity. By biting different species, mosquitoes become perfect vectors for numerous infectious diseases which, if not treated in time, can lead to very serious illnesses.

Among the most fearsome mosquitoes are those of the genus Anopheles, which are the main transmission vehicle for Malaria. On the other hand, bites from infected Aedes mosquitoes – also known as tiger mosquitoes – trigger viral diseases such as Chikungunya and Dengue fever. Given the danger of viruses and parasites carried by mosquitoes, the problems caused by the presence of these insects in the home and outdoors should not be underestimated.

ZeroZzz is the non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution designed to combat mosquitoes. Odourless and safe for your health, the sonic wave product differs from common mosquito repellents on the market because it offers discreet, long-lasting protection without the use of harmful chemicals. The ZeroZzz electronic devices work by emitting gentle, high-frequency hissing sounds, which are completely harmless for pets and people – even those with pacemakers or other medical devices.