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Shipping cost


Delivery times are on average 7 to 10 working days from the date of conclusion of the CONTRACT and are given as an indication only. In any case, the shipment shall be performed within 30 days as from the date of conclusion of the CONTRACT.

The shipping time, for destinations on the Italian territory -except for destinations in the regions Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Venetian Lagoon and particular locations in difficult conditions in accordance with the definition of the Italian Postal Service – the average shipping time to the USER, except in exceptional cases and during high season, is approximately 72 hours from the date of conclusion of the AGREEMENT for PRODUCTS that do not require customisation; longer times are to be expected for the remaining PRODUCTS. For destinations outside Italian territory, the average delivery time of the PRODUCTS will be communicated on a case-by-case basis. In any event, such timescales are not binding on SAVIFIN because they are beyond its control and should only be understood as a rough estimate.

The shipment shall take place after the conclusion of the CONTRACT as defined in Clause 2.6 here above.

The USER shall not be liable, for any reason whatsoever, to SAVIFIN in case of delay in the execution of the ORDER and/or in the shipment/delivery of the PRODUCTS covered by the AGREEMENT.

The shipment of PRODUCTS shall be at SAVIFIN’s risk. The risk shall pass to the USER upon delivery of the PRODUCTS to the recipient’s address.

For each CONTRACT concluded through the WEBSITE, SAVIFIN shall issue a delivery note, or, for those USERS who have entered their VAT number when placing the ORDER, the relevant legally required accounting document for the PRODUCTS purchased and the EXPENSES. These documents will be sent, at the option of SAVIFIN, either by e-mail as indicated by the USER when placing the ORDER or together with the PRODUCTS with the shipment. It will not be possible to make any changes to the accounting document after it has been issued, nor will it be possible to issue such a document if a USER, who has not indicated his VAT number in the data entry form, requests it at a later date, even before the shipment of PRODUCTS.

In order for SAVIFIN to correctly deliver the PRODUCTS, the presence of the USER or his/her representative is always required. If the addressee is not available at the time and place of delivery specified in the ORDER or subsequently agreed, the PRODUCTS shall be temporarily stored at the warehouse of the delivery agent. The USER will then be contacted by SAVIFIN Customer Care and can decide whether to request a new shipment, paying the related cost in advance, or to request a refund of the ORDER under the conditions and limitations referred to in paragraph If the second delivery is also unsuccessful, SAVIFIN will proceed to refund the ORDER, under the conditions and limitations set out in point 6 of Terms and conditions.

Once SAVIFIN has reimbursed the USER, the AGREEMENT shall be deemed to be automatically and definitively terminated, without prejudice to SAVIFIN’s right to claim for further damages.

The procedure referred to in the previous point is the one currently in force; SAVIFIN reserves the right to modify it at its sole discretion, with the aim of improving the service offered to the USER, without prior notice and without the obligation to inform the USER.

In case of force majeure, unavailability of means of transport, unforeseeable events, SAVIFIN reserves the right to terminate the CONTRACT or to split, postpone or cancel, in whole or in part, the foreseen delivery, if such events cause a delay in deliveries or make them difficult or impossible and/or result in a significant increase of cost for SAVIFIN. In such cases, SAVIFIN shall promptly notify its decisions to the e-mail address provided by the USER. In such cases, the latter shall be entitled to obtain the reimbursement of the PRICE, excluding any further claim or compensation, for any reason whatsoever, against SAVIFIN.