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ZeroBugs™ MOUSE is the silent ally that helps fight and prevent unwelcome visits from mice, rats and dormice. Thanks to the emission of frequency-modulated ultrasonic waves, the anti-mouse remedy preserves the hygiene and safety of domestic spaces, effectively driving out these annoying pests.



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ZeroBugsTM MOUSE - Ultrasonic mouse control device

Easy to use, the mains operated repellent device operates on 230Vac - 50Hz and provides a coverage volume of approximately 90 cubic metres. ZeroBugs™ MOUSE helps solve the problem of rodent pests' surprising resistance and immunity to the leading rodent control products on the market. Odourless and non-toxic, this innovative product emits ultrasound at varying intensities that can disturb rodents' hearing and restrict their movements, forcing them to leave an environment that has become inhospitable to them. The gentle mechanical waves emitted by the device have a lasting effect on various species of small rodents and are designed to prevent them becoming accustomed to the noise.

ZeroBugs™ MOUSE does not release chemicals and can be used wherever people of all ages and pets such as dogs and cats are found. In order for the anti-mouse device to function with maximum effectiveness, continuous use is recommended. The ultrasonic mouse repellent is tested at the Laboratory of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Camerino.


7.5 × 4.8 × 4.8 cm