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Anti Acarus – FAQ

AcarZero™ is an electronic acaricide device that uses ultrasonic technology to reduce the concentration of dust mites in already colonised environments or to prevent their formation in healthy environments, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

The environmentally effective AcarZero™ HOME device does not require replacement because it is mains powered (220V). In any case, for it to be truly effective, it must always be kept active without any interruption from the moment of activation.

The AcarZero™ HOME device is effective in open environments with a volume of up to 90 cubic metres. These are simple mechanical sound waves; they are not capable of passing through closed walls or doors. From the moment of activation, the mechanical sound waves emitted by the device slowly spread into the environment in which it is installed. Some time after installation, the device saturates the environment, and the ultrasounds expand wherever there is air flow. For maximum effectiveness, however, it is advisable to install an AcarZero™ HOME device in every domestic environment that you wish to cleanse of mites or constantly and effectively keep them from colonising.

Maximum effectiveness in reducing pests in the environment is achieved 90 days after use of the product. The first effects where a significant reduction of the mite colony can already be observed occur about 40 days after activation of the device. In order to maximise efficacy, it should be remembered that AcarZero™ devices do not replace the recommended prophylaxis for dust mite allergy sufferers but are to be used in addition to the World Health Organisation guidelines, which should always be followed and to maximise and not nullify the effect of AcarZero™ devices.