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About us

Every year 200,000 people are losing their lives to chemical pesticides. Every year billions of tons of potentially harmful chemicals are released into the environment, due to lack of alternative solutions.

ULTRASOUNDtech™ is that alternative, born from scientific research and innovation, designed to concretely solve a problem that can no longer be ignored.

For this reason, we engineer, design and manufacture electronic devices that eliminate chemicals from treatments against domestic infestations, while keeping an affordable price and giving you the certainty of what you are buying. And that allows you to make a responsible choice, contributing to a sustainable consumption logic and to a lower impact on the ecosystem we are part of.

Even before being a product, we are an idea and, since we know that every choice, even the smallest, has its weight, we strive to be the compass needle pointing towards the future in our sector.

We carry the historical weight of great innovators on our shoulders, since we produce everything in Italy, which has always been the cradle of extraordinary achievements.

Since 2016, we have been trying to change the world… one repellent device at a time.

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