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Anti Ticks and Fleas – FAQ

ZeroBugs™ ultrasonic devices are effective in combating ticks and fleas, which are dangerous to both humans and animals, without using any chemicals. There are specific ultrasonic devices against ticks and fleas in the ZeroBugs™ range which have different intended uses (pets, people and environments). But all of our products have something in common: effectiveness, guaranteed by scientific studies and trials.

ZeroBugs™ PET is the device for you. If you are looking for an ultrasonic pet device to reduce the risk of colonisation by ticks and fleas, your choice should be ZeroBugs™ PET, with a range of approximately 1.5 metres. In this case, the sound waves drive the parasites away from the animal and act as a prophylactic, keeping ticks and fleas away.

Yes. ZeroBugs™ PET is totally non-toxic and is an effective, green alternative to common sprays, spot-ons and slow-release antiparasitic collars. Thanks to its ultrasound technology, ZeroBugs™ PET offers constant protection from fleas and ticks throughout the device’s lifetime (approximately 10 months). Because it does not use potentially harmful chemicals, the ultrasonic repellent can also be used safely on puppies, the elderly and animals that come into contact with children.

The ultrasound device for humans against ticks and fleas is ZeroBugs™ PLUS, to be worn during all activities when in direct contact with animals and the outdoors. Thanks to the presence of wide-range emitters (3 metres) and also to the right, left and bottom sides, ZeroBugs™ PLUS has a double action: the ultrasound is effective both in forcing ticks and fleas to leave a person and preventing new attacks.

Battery life depends on the product selected. Specifically:

To check that the device’s battery is still working, press the power button quickly and make sure that the LED flashes. However, battery life may be compromised by excessive checking of the device’s operating status.

ZeroBugs™ is designed to effectively protect animals and people living in full contact with nature. So yes: all wearable devices (ZeroBugs™ PLUS and ZeroBugs™ PET) are designed to resist moisture and water splashes, thanks to their IP41 protection rating.

Absolutely: there are no risks or contraindications for children, the elderly, medical device wearers or even our four-legged friends (as demonstrated by the tests carried out on the devices in the laboratories of the University of Milan and Camerino and during the electromagnetic compatibility test phases). The ultrasound emitted by ZeroBugs™ devices has a localised disruptive effect on parasites, as it cannot be heard by the human ear nor the ears of dogs or cats. In addition, because they do not use chemicals, the products are totally harmless to anyone who comes into contact with them.