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Anti Mosquitoes – FAQ

ZeroZzz™ is a certified and tested anti-mosquito device that uses sonic wave technology. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it is useful for combating mosquitoes in and around the home. By emitting gentle, variable-intensity sounds that simulate the beating of male mosquito wings, ZeroZzz™ keeps away the female mosquitoes responsible for bites.

All ZeroZzz™ devices are designed to repel mosquitoes effectively and permanently. The main differences between the models lie in the possibilities for use:

  • ZeroZzz™ Ambient, powered by 230 Volt mains voltage, is suitable for use in domestic environments, with a coverage volume of approximately 60/80 cubic metres.
  • ZeroZzz™ Air is a portable, discreet electronic repellent with a highly innovative design, ideal for outdoor times, thanks to its maximum range of 3 metres.


Yes, its effectiveness is also guaranteed in an outdoor environment. To operate, ZeroZzz™ Ambient requires a 230 Volt mains socket: if present, the device can easily be used on the terrace or in the garden, with a coverage volume ranging from 60 to 80 cubic metres. On summer evenings, however, we also recommend using portable devices to keep mosquitoes away outdoors: ZeroZzz™ Air offers protection as much as three metres away!

All ZeroZzz™ devices are programmed to emit sounds in three different intensities: low (one flash), medium (two flashes) and high (three flashes). To switch between intensities, press the power button: once the maximum volume has been reached, pressing it again will return it to the minimum volume. In all cases, the disruptive action is targeted at mosquitoes alone!

ZeroZzz™ Ambient, being mains powered, does not require replacement. Portable and/or wearable ZeroZzz™ devices are powered by a long-lasting (approx. 1000 hours), replaceable lithium battery (model cr2032).

By registering the purchased product, we will remind you of the approaching battery depletion by sending an email to the indicated address.